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Healthy animal nutrition technologies

Natural products for efficient breeding of farm animals and poultry

About the company

Bio Formula is a Ukrainian company, which possesses the exclusive right to supply Ukraine with effective innovative products for feeding farm animals from leading European manufacturers. We work in the feeding productive animals sector. We help livestock breeders to achieve maximum results in feeding without antibiotics.

Our suppliers are Europe's leading manufacturers that have large research base. They suggest applying their patented technologies and can guarantee their uniqueness. We work with leading experts at the global animal nutrition market.

Our products focus on:

1. Livestock animals and poultry raising without the use of antibiotics.

2. Increasing profitability and ensuring the safety of the animal origin food production.

3. Strengthening animals` immune systems and maximizing the unleashing of their genetic potential.

We unleash the genetic potential of the animals in an ecologically natural way, promoting a caring attitude towards nature and the abandonment of chemistry. The company fundamentally works only with certified products of natural origin.

Our slogan becomes the motto of each team member.

We are creating a healthy future.

Our values

Transparency: We speak explicitly about the products we are supplied with and the partners we have chosen.

Environmental friendliness : only natural products that exclude the use of synthetic and chemical components.

Innovation: our natural products have a strong innovative and technological component that guarantees safety and efficiency.

Responsibility: we check the products for compliance with customer standards and expectations.

Relevance: our products are manufactured in line with current market trends in the animal health improvement sector.

Care: we take care of animals whose health and well-being depend on us.

we are doing our best to build up a relationship of trust with our partners and customers.

Unity: we support each other and resolve all issues through diplomacy.

Ambition: we work every day to be the best for our customers.

Exclusivity: we present all the products of our partners exclusively that is the main reason why we are able to guarantee the products originality and transparent pricing.

By studying nature therapeutic properties, we provide our clients with optimal solutions for efficient and safe animal feeding and human nutrition to take care of the environment and promote a healthy generation of people.

Maintain and strengthen the market leader position selling products that make the future of the feed and food industry available today

Providing agricultural holdings, feed mills, premixers, dairy farmers, poultry farms and swine-breeding farms, private farms, as well as food manufacturers with innovative developments which combine nature and the сutting-edge advances in science.


Strategic goal

Primary aim



Healthy animals without antibiotics

Feed additives with OREGANO ESSENTIAL OIL



The complex adsorbent of mycotoxins with a comprehensive range of action. It offers maximum efficiency for different groups of raised farm animals and poultry

Highly effective natural essential oil with antibacterial action, which minimizes and completely eliminates the use of feed antibiotics. Includes more than 140 active ingredients.

Protein feed ingredient (70% crude protein) with a rich amino acid composition that improves productivity and animal health.

Microlife is a unique natural, biologically oriented solution for feeding productive animals that helps to improve their health.


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