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Microlife is a unique natural, biologically oriented solution for feeding productive animals that helps to improve their health. The company creates efficient eco-friendly products, combining up to the minute achievements of science and nature.

The feed additive is intended to be added to feed so that it has an opportunity to break down fiber, anti-nutritional non-starchy polysaccharides, starch, phytates. It helps to normalize the intestinal microbiocenosis of young and adult animals at the point of the dysbacteriosis of various etiologies development. Furthermore, the feed additive increases immunity, stimulates the growth and development of animals and poultry, and reduces the negative influence of stressful situations.

Biozoom Quinto
Biozoom Quinto properties
• Improves digestion and availability of feed ingredients.
• Normalizes the microflora of the intestinal tract.
• Increases the nutrient content and reduces the cost of compound feedstuff.
• Increases the productivity of animals and production cost-effectiveness

• Enzymes: xylanase, protease, amylase, cellulase, β-glucanase, lipase, phytase

• Yeast cell walls (manano oligosacáridos) Yarrowia lipolytica

• Emulsifiers

• layers — 0.3 kg/t of compound feedstuff.
• broiler chickens — 0.3 kg/t of compound feedstuff.
• turkeys — 0.3 kg/t of compound feedstuff.
• pigs — 0.3 kg/t of compound feedstuff.
• rabbits — 0.3 kg/t of compound feedstuff.
• fish — 0.3 kg/t of compound feedstuff.

Biozoom Symbio is an achievement of scientific research in the area of livestock. It is a modern and completely natural solution for animals of different ages and stages of development. Biozoom Symbio is an ideal replacement of feed antibiotics. The product is a unique composition of natural elements: PREbiotics and PRObiotics, which function in synergy as a SYMBIOTIC.

Biozoom Symbio
The yeast contained in food (cheese, cereals, vegetables) is non-pathogenic and has the status of safe. Unlike the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (contained in bread, beer, wine), which processes sugar, Yarrowia lipolytica uses fats for its metabolism.
Yarrowia lipolytica

Biozoom Symbio strengthens animal health and provides specific advantages:

• Reinforces the animal immune system, increases resistance to disease;

• Supports balance of intestinal flora and health of the gastrointestinal tract;

• Reduces the mortality rate, providing growth and balanced development of animals;

• Improves the absorption and availability of nutrients;

• Helps to use feed efficiently and reduce feeding costs;

• Improves animal productivity and production cost-effectiveness.

Impact on animals (in agriculture):

Calves: improved feed intake and digestion, increased daily gain and final body weight, improved zoometric performance, less diarrhea and pneumonia, increased amount of simple bacteria and rumen microorganisms.

Goats: increased milk quantity and improved milk quality, increased appetite, less diarrhea, feed is consumed more economically, the herd becomes calmer — no more injuries.

Piglets: feed is consumed more economically, fast growth, less diarrhea.

Dairy cows: more milk, increased protein content in milk, higher dry matter consumption.

Broiler chickens: weight gain, improved feed utilization, especially at the start of fattening.

Turkeys: weight gain, improved feed utilization, especially at the start of fattening.

Horses: improved hair structure, flexibility in the sole and hoof wall, mobility, nutrient absorption.

Fish: high weight gain, optimal feed conversion, high survival rate.

Rabbits: improved growth and development, survival and health of young animals during the fattening period, efficient use of feed.

Pigeons: considerable improvement of feather condition (gloss, color), increased vitality and resistance to infections, accelerated incubation and chicks growth.


Cattle: 30 g/head/day

Horses: 50 g/head/day

Goats, sheep: 15 g/head/day

Calves: 10 g/head/day

Poultry, pigs, fish: 400 g/t feed

Health & Performance Booster

A feed additive that is acknowledged to be a comprehensive solution effective in preventing mycotoxicosis and supporting various metabolic functions. It is used to improve animals health and productivity.

Biozoom Mycozip™
Tilda Publishing

Healthy animals — high profits

Biozoom Mycozip ™ controls mycotoxins and stimulates health thanks to its unique composition

Selected minerals. High quality minerals of natural origin with microporous structure, large surface area and high mycotoxin binding capacity. Specially selected, unlike other aluminosilicates, they reliably hold mycotoxins. They do not bind ration trace elements.
Unconventional yeast Yarrowia lipolytica is a high-tech preparation of a patented yeast strain of a unique type and its metabolites. Their cell walls, rich in Manans and glucans, have an extremely high capacity to absorb toxic particles in the gastrointestinal tract, in particular mycotoxins, antivitamins, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. As a prebiotic, the product stimulates the immune system, copes with bacterial infections.

Bacteria probiotics + enzymes.Probiotic bacteria prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and support the regeneration of beneficial microflora after intoxication. In case of bacterial disorders, they suppress pathogenic bacteria, absorb and remove bacterial toxins.
Plant extracts – prevent the growth of mold and neutralize toxins with components of plant origin — block the growth of fungi and the biosynthesis of mycotoxins. Key function: stimulating the activity of liver enzymes and thereby detoxifying mycotoxins. Effective antioxidant action against free radicals in the liver. Hepatoprotective effect and liver "restoration".

ALL FOUR components are part of a single, thoroughly manufactured, sustainable feed solution, which primary concern is to protect your animals and maximize profits in four ways

PROTECTION — prevention of mycotoxicosis
STIMULATION Immune system
IMPROVEMENT of intestinal health
Liver PROTECTION and restoration

Packaging and dosage

Dosage: broilers, layers, pigs, fish, fur animals, domestic animals: 0.5-2 kg / t; Cattle: 50 g / head / day
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